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This is a mini post since I’m not happy with the way it turned out. I wanted to make a “slime statue” but it doesn’t look that great. Stay tuned later this month for the real update!

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Erdrick’s Armour! From Dragon Quest! (For those of you who’ve played Dragon Warrior for GB/C or and Japanese version of Dragon Quest, this would be Roto’s/ Loto’s Armor).

I personally spent a lot of my late middle school/ early high school years playing a whole bunch of the Gameboy versions of Dragon Quest I, II, and III. Fun times.


You can get it here for iOS:

Or here for Android:

Enjoy! :D

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It’s Hyrule Warriors Link’s design! “Warrior Hero Clothes”

I’m really stoked for this game! I really want to give it a try already!

Fun fact: I tried to copy the design of the in-game “hero’s clothes”. It was borderline impossible to copy it 1:1, so I approximated. Turns out, the scarf took away a bunch of the stuff that gave me so much trouble. orz

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It’s Ultimate Spider-Man’s costume! That is, Miles Morales’s Spider-Man costume. I really like his design and story so that’s why I decided to do this one.

It was a challenge to get the webs right and I’m still not convinced they’re perfect… :/

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I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Japanese 3DS!! This means more custom outfits! :D

Look forward to the Ultimate Spider-Man costume you see above and more. Updates will be slow, though, since I’ve gotten busy.

Ah yes, outfit names will be in Japanese now. Not because I can’t write them in English, but because you can’t seem to name them too long in English. Either way, it’s also the Japanese version so it goes that the names should be in Japanese too! :P

Anyways, I hope all of you enjoy these new designs! :D I’m surprised that this keeps getting new followers despite the long hiatus. :)

(BTW, ホルヘ=Horuhe=Jorge ;) Just a head’s up)

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Hang up that Triforce!

This is also the last of my queued posts, so until I return to playing Animal Crossing, this is it! Thanks everyone for following!!

Hang up that Triforce!

This is also the last of my queued posts, so until I return to playing Animal Crossing, this is it! Thanks everyone for following!!
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Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger Yellow (even though Yellow is male in Zyu)
Created by mayorthis 

This is what I thought of doing when I made my MMPR/Zyuuranger Yellow Ranger. I’m happy to see someone else did a skirt version! :D

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The Principality of Zeon!! I made a wearable version, but honestly, I don’t like it too much. :S

Posted 8 months ago

E.F.S.F. logo from Mobile Suit Gundam! I made a wearable version and a poster version (you can wear the poster version, but it just doesn’t look right…)

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Hello I’m opening up commissions!

Prices up there, for waist-up character portraits. Pretty much in that style of rendering! Contact me at deviantART or hit me up with a note here on tumblr if interested.

Thanks for lookin’ & have a wonderful day!

I don’t reblog since I like keeping my blog Animal Crossing, but this is for my sister. If you want art done, please commission her!!!